Makeup Education

Makeup Education

Different from a Makeup Service a Makeup Lesson is a 1.5-2 hours appointment to learn how to do makeup looks better on your own. Lessons can get very specific, if your basic skills are great, we can work on other techniques you haven’t mastered yet. Below I have outlined different examples of what I can teach you during a makeup lesson.

During your makeup lesson I can teach you:

  • How to execute different eye makeup techniques such as a smoky eyeshadow, different eyeliners and how to choose eyeshadow/liner colors and shapes that are best suited to you. 
  • How to shape your brows with makeup to achieve the most attractive brow for your face.
  • How to use your makeup brushes and tools.  Demystifying the makeup brushes, how to hold them and use them to get the look you want with ease.
  • How to prep your skin before makeup and which foundations, concealers or powders to use for your desired finished.
  • How to sculpt and shape the face with makeup. Teaching you how to contour and highlight your face shape.
  • How to do an daytime makeup, professional setting/job interview makeup, evening or event makeup, or makeup for your destination wedding.
  • How to apply false lashes on yourself.
  • How to do a winged liner, liquid liner, smoky liner, tight lining etc.

How it works:

  • We use the makeup and tools you currently have  and I show you how to get the most out of what you already own.
  • We will also have my brushes and makeup to work with to build the best overall complete lesson for you.
  • I will instruct you on the different steps on one side of your face and you will recreate the makeup on the other side. Different from a video tutorial I will be right there to coach and assist you, showing you along the way.
  • In a group setting I will rotate the demonstrating on the different group members. 
  • You will need your makeup, your brushes and tools, a pen and a note pad.

Currently I booked private or group lesson. Private lessons take 1.5 – 2 hours. Group lessons take 3 hours.  Private lessons are best when you really want a  personalized experience. Group lessons are great, supportive learning environments and can be less intimidating for beginners. Ready to get started? Contact me today! 

Why book a makeup lesson?

  • Feel more confident when you are doing your makeup everyday and for the special events in your life.
  • Learn more specific makeup skills that you want to master. 
  • One on one coaching for harder skills like applying your false lashes.
  • Learn how to use makeup you own and what other products can enhance and complete your looks.
  • Learn the pro techniques and ‘tricks’ that I would use to enhance your specific features. 
  • To organize and utilize makeup you have but aren’t sure how to use.
  • To building a shopping list for ideal products and tools for you. 



It is very fulfilling to change the way a person looks at themselves. It is even more rewarding to teach a person how to do that for themselves. Over the years my role as an artist has grown into artist and educator. Seeing first hand that we are capable of learning so much more than we might let ourselves believe. It has been a privilege to work with so many talented artists and trusting clients over these many years; from whom I have learned so much.

To book a lesson or if you have questions,  contact me today!