Ruth Bancroft is Makeup Artist based in Edmonton, Alberta who started her career in 1997. 

Ruth was hired in 1999 for a part time position at M.A.C. She was promoted several times, and enjoyed a very successful career with the company for more than 10 years. Ruth was 1 of 4 Canadians ask to represent the brand at a red carpet event in Hollywood, California in 2006. She was also recognized at international training meeting in 2008 because of her commitment to exceptional customer service. Ruth attributes this to her genuine enjoyment of client interactions and her passion and excitement for making people feel good in their own skin. 

 Ruth partnered with a colleague in 2012 to recreated and redesign makeup courses for the Eveline Charles Academy. She coauthored the new curriculum for Level I and Level II programs and co-designed new course manuals for both programs. 

For 20 years Ruth has done makeup for clients all over Alberta and British Columbia. Over the years she has grown a successful freelance business from personal recommendations. 

Making women and men feel their best for their important milestones has been an honor and something Ruth hopes to do for years to come.

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